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Vivint Wireless Review

Vivint Wireless Review

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Vivint Wireless Review

We are thrilled to finally publish our Vivint Wireless Review. It’s been a long hard road working with the technicians getting set up and testing as much as we could in the time we had. It’s time for Vivint Wireless to be added to the list of Eagle Mountain Internet Providers!

Vivint, primarily a home security company, is now in the internet business. They have deployed their network in concentrated spots all throughout the Wasatch Front all the way up to Clearfield. It’s now in Eagle Mountain and we’re a little on the fence. Here’s why.


It goes down… like a lot…

Vivint Wireless ReviewWe understand that they are a new company so we need to be fair with our review. So take this all with a grain of salt.
We have a tester that was one of the first users to be hooked up in his area, and his main frustration is that he get’s interrupted quite often for a few seconds at a time. This is a live log file that tracks downtime in Vivint’s network.

Vivint Internet Downtime Log

In the real world, this will transition to buffering, loss of connection to services, voice calls interrupted, an atrocious online gaming experience, and many more issues.
Like I said before, we’re going to be fair here because they’re new to the wireless internet game. Reliability is probably their greatest weakness. On to the good?


Dollar per megabit, Vivint can’t be beat. They offer 50 mbps up and down, for $59.99. We did notice that Vivint is susceptible to slow downloads during peak times (like all providers are, but they’re on the “very noticeable” side). Your speeds will depend on where you are located and how many homes are connected to your hub home. We don’t have enough data to conclusively make a decision on what any one person can expect. It seems that different people see different things. One of our tester homes got their full subscribed download speeds regardless of time, day, app, wired or wireless. He was always hitting at least 40/40. However, the other home that was giving us data was NOT. It was the internet connection from the “Under World”.

If you were to try Vivint out, we would recommend that you keep BOTH your old provider and your new Vivint service live for testing for at least two weeks. One week on the new service, and one week on the old again. See which one works better for you in normal every day conditions.

Latency (Ping)

With other point to point wireless technologies, latency is where they shine. These connections are the speed of light like fiber is. So latency is going to be great. Vivint was no exception. We saw consistent pings to Google’s DNS servers at right around 40ms. Never surpassing 80ms. This is good. Still not quite as good as Innovative Air (20ms – 30ms) but better than Direct Communications (50ms – 70ms)

Overall very pleased


it-crowd-turn-it-off-and-on-againTheir support is mediocre at best. This is because being the large company that they are servicing a relatively new product they have, you are bound to have some hiccups. We were able to connect to a support technician quickly and promptly, but their troubleshooting didn’t go far past, “Did you turn it off and on again?”… and that is a shame. We have heard horror stories from other customers that they’ve gone days and even weeks without internet… Fortunately, we didn’t have many problems in the time we had with the service. So again, it probably depends on your individual scenario.



Vivint is going to be a solid internet service provider here in Eagle Mountain. Key words there is going to be. They aren’t quite there yet. And that’s okay. As always, we recommend that you keep your current internet provider while you get hooked up with you new one. Do this for at least 2 weeks. This way you can switch between one and the other to test them out in all sorts of experiments. e.g. Netflix, gaming, downloading, streaming, latency, support, etc. If one provider is acting up, switch over and see if the problem goes away. Good luck and don’t forget to share your personal Vivint Wireless Review below!

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  5. Very accurate! I have the system at home and is the best and fastest security I’ve ever had.

  6. I’m rating your website design. It includes the topic I wanted, Vivint Wireless, but not a date on either the original post nor the 21 reviews. So….. were these written last week or in 1993? No dates make it useless.

  7. So glad I switched from Comcast I just had to shout my joy, Surprised to see there are people unhappy on here.. As far as internet service industry goes, the bar was already pretty low people. Be glad there’s more than 2 choices for internet now.

  8. The worst ISP i have ever been associated with. The reliability is the worst offender, my internet would go out for minutes to hours at a time at least once a day. The speeds were awful, I never got about 20 down, and most of the time we were dealing with 2-10. Then there is the customer service. There hours are business hours so if you have a job, don’t ever expect to get help from technicians. Plus I had lie after lie. First I was told they would waive the cancellation fee because my service was so poor, but when I found another ISP and called to cancel they refused to waive it. Then I was promised the 2 year contract came with the router but when I cancelled 18 months into it and Paid the cancellation fee they wanted to take it back. Just lies on top of false promises, blanketed by bad service and product. Please don’t support this company.

  9. I have had them for 3 months now and they are doing great. from what i can tell, there were some issues early on with the service reliability. However, I for one, am very satisfied with the price and reliability.
    Now is they could just get their crap together with the home automation, that would be great!

    • We are happy to hear that you are receiving a great experience with Vivint Wireless. Thank you for your comments!

      Vivint Wireless Team

  10. I have been with VIVINT here in Eagle Mountain for almost a year now. Without exaggeration I have just come to accept slow speeds between 5-10mbps download. Most of the time on the slower end of the spectrum.
    Their customer service is great and they have sent numerous tecs out to attempt to quicken speeds but have never solved the issue.
    I intend to try my luck elsewhere I suggest you do the same.

  11. In San Antonio, we’ve had a mostly positive experience. We’ve had consistently fast service, especially with devices that support dual band Wi-Fi. We’ve had it for just shy of a year. Customer service, especially billing has been better than our previous provider (AT&T U-Verse).

    Reliability has been 99% or more. The internet is something you feel when it is down. Last summer our antenna and amplifier had to be reinstalled because the internet went out during the afternoon when it was really hot. Reportedly the original install was faulty. Since then it’s only been a small number of outages that we’ve noticed (~5) for a couple of hours at a time.

    If you’re interested, we also have Vivint Voice. The call charity is quite good and the latency is acceptable, though I find myself talking over the other person more frequently than with U-Verse. When we had both I did a test where I said “ABCDEFG” quickly on a call to myself and could notice a latency difference of about two letters, possibly a quarter of a second.

    Overall, good service, but annoying two-year term. We were hit of a billing dispute with AT&T and looking for a change. I’m glad we made it, but I’m also glad my wife’s cellular days plan is better than mine for those rare times when the internet is out for a couple of hours.

    • We are excited to see that you are receiving a great internet experience. Thank you for sharing your comments.

      Vivint Wireless Team-

  12. I live in South Jordan and swtiched from Comcast to Vivint, liking the idea of a guaranteed price for 2 years and better customer service. After 6 months with Vivint, I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. Every month my service has gone down–for hours at a time. Twice, including this weekend, my internet has gone down on a Saturday morning. Customer “service” tells me matter of factly that they can send someone out on Monday, like that should be perfectly acceptable to anyone. Bottom line is, the guaranteed price is not at all worth the totally unreliable service.

  13. Vivint is by far the worst internet service my family has ever worked with. I have heard great things about their other services but internet is terrible. We were excited to hear about their promise for better download speeds and fewer outages. It has only been a few months and I would have to say that it has only worked about 50% of the time. We have had employees come out to trouble shoot in person and on the phone with very little if any improvement which may only last a couple of days. Our internet has been out for about a week now and despite complaints, they have yet to send someone to check it out. When it actually works, the download speeds are usually pretty good, but often times it will come on for maybe 10 minutes and then be down the rest of the day. I am not sure why they haven’t offered any refunds for the amount of time we have been without internet. Very dissatisfied customer.

  14. I was really excited to get Vivint. I’d been with Direct Com for almost 12 years. I got tired of feeling like a second rate customer because I was on copper and couldn’t get fiber, so after my neighbor was giving me rave reviews of Vivint and letting him try it out for a couple of months I gave it a go. I was told I would get 50 mbps download, but no reason why it couldn’t be closer to 100 with the new upgraded tower by my house. “SWEET!” right? All for $59.99 a month, 12 less than I was paying for DC for 20 mbps and getting on average 7-8. Well, they’ve oversold it, they have a bandwidth issue, and after almost 2 months I have yet to get what I’m paying for. Saturday afternoons 1-2 mbps, evenings? 1-2 mbps. The only reason I’m giving them 1 star is because they have awesome customer service agents who do more than a check list to help you troubleshoot. They think outside the box. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone at this point.

  15. Had great service for almost a year. Last month however, the internet went down and it took a week before someone could come out to fix it. It worked off and on for another two weeks and went out again. Again it took a week to get someone out. The internet went out again the following day. Now I am waiting for another week without internet to have someone out again. In fairness they have credited my account for the lost time, but if my livelihood depended on the internet, this would be a catastrophe.

    It seems no one has a clue as to what the problem is or how to fix it.

  16. I was with Innovative Air with little to no problems and always had fast response when i called with questions then i made a big mistake and went to Vivint for the last month and a half, i had 2 weeks of good internet from the time of installation, after that i have had to call customer support every other day for a month. They sent out 3 different Techs to fix the problem which only helped for about 3-4 hours then i was back down again. This wasn’t just slowed speeds it was not connecting at all! I called Vivint they waived my cancellation fee because they can’t legally sell a product that does work…you have to be able to get what you are paying for…Vivint is ruining their reputation as a company with this crappy internet. not sure if i would sign up for any other service they offer at this point. I went back to Innovative Air i would recommend them to anyone! Call and ask for Justin he is great!

  17. I had Direct DSL which almost always worked but was terribly slow on the upload so I switched to Vivint. It worked for 30 minutes after the tech left. AND NEVER WORKED AGAIN. After a week of frantic calls, I called Direct and they said I am in an area that is now fiber and I can have fiber for the same price as Vivint. And they never even charged me for the re-insall. They hooked me up and it is like I am on a rocketship all the time. It screams up and down all the time. Not one single glitch

  18. The salesmen will say ANYTHING to get you to sign up. They know NOTHING about internet and sell you on lies. Wow what a bad taste to put into people’s mouths the first month you launch. Never going back to these guys. Stay away!

  19. Doesn’t work. Period.

  20. Everything was fine for the free trial, but then 3 days after the trial ended, my service went from fine to horrendous. Less than 1Mb down (if I’m lucky), about 50k up. After multiple calls to tech support, with a 20-40 minute hold time, being told repeatedly to “turn it off and back on again”, waiting 48 hours for Tier2 to finally call me back to say “everyone else in your area is fine”…now a technician is coming…next week! So now I’m 3 weeks into my service, and it worked for 10 days of that time, and now I’m without service for another week before I *might* be able to use it. Sure, they offer to credit me for the time it’s down, but I work from home so now I have to maintain two ISPs. I’m out $10 per month for the remainder of my contract, about $230 total, if I want to cancel…which I will more than likely have to pay as I can’t really afford to have such a horrible internet provider!

    I understand all ISPs have outages, but having to wait 2+ weeks for resolution is just unacceptable.

  21. Did not work AT ALL for an entire week. I called every day and they kept saying it was an internal issue that they were trying to fix, but they didn’t have an ETA or the fix. All the while, my neighbor’s was working just two doors down (although he was only getting 30 rather than 50). I cancelled after a week.

  22. I got suckered into the same thing as everyone else….and the internet worked good for about 1 week then I kept getting a DNS Error….they told me that it was because the Hub Home was having issues but that it would be fixed by tomorrow well….this happened Saturday and it’s sunday night at 11pm and still not working…my wife works weekends and when she gets home likes to take her mind off things by watching netflix or our other streaming services but we can’t and it’s so annoying I’m going to cancel my service and go back to innovative air they might have slower speeds but almost no outages. Sorry vivint but you suck…I won’t ever come back to vivint.

  23. 1.5 year Vivint wireless internet customer here. STAY AWAY! They do not have their crap together. Some high up network engineer and support manager needs to loose their jobs. This has gone on for 3+ months. SLLLOOOOOWWW internet, no internet, or spotty internet for 3 months.

    The internet is fast when it works. WHEN IT WORKS…

    STAY CLEAR AWAY FROM Vivint Wireless as an ISP. Their network is always down, they continually have outages, their immediate support call response after rebooting the modem and router is to send a tech out to the house which is rarely less than a week out. I’m convinced it’s nothing to do with the radios or access points but something internally in their network.
    This is in the West Jordan, Utah network.

  24. (Not an option to give ZERO stars, or I would have.)

    I had been with Innovative Air (and very happy) for over a year, but when the Vivint salesman showed up at my door, I fell for it. He promised me super fast speeds — 50 Mbps both up and down — for less money than I was currently paying for my 20/5 speeds. There were several things the salesman said that I knew or suspected weren’t true, but I rationalized it in my mind by assuming it was just a disconnect between sales and the tech side.

    I got installed on a Saturday afternoon. Within 90 minutes, it went down for the first time. It came back up later, but it was down again when I woke up on Sunday morning. It continued this way for several days. They finally got a tech out to my house on Thursday, and he replaced the radio and everything was fine. For six days!

    Then it went down. For six days! DOWN FOR SIX DAYS! I spent seven hours on the phone with support, plus another six hours on hold waiting to get on the phone with them, over that six days. Responses varied from “we’re working on it” to “I don’t know what the problem is and no one who knows is working right now.”

    After six days, they finally got it back up. That lasted 14 hours. When it went down again, I called Innovative Air and set up an appointment to get reinstalled, then called Vivint and canceled.

    Switching from a provider that had been reliable and exactly-as-advertised for over a year, just to save a few bucks and get faster speeds that I don’t actually need — seriously, I have never noticed an actual difference between 20 Mbps and 50 Mbps — was the worst consumer decision I have made in a long time. Don’t repeat my mistake. Learn from my stupidity. DO NOT CHOOSE VIVINT!

  25. Glad to see there’s some info on Vivint wireless now. My experience with them has been hot and cold. just like these reviewers said. One day it’s blazing, the next day it’s down. Support takes a really long time as well. So beware of that. I’m thinking of going back to my old internet if this doesn’t get any better.