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Verizon Home Fusion Broadband

Verizon Home Fusion Broadband

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Verizon Home Fusion Broadband Review

This is different from your 4G Hotspot. This is a full out home broadband service. Speeds are reported to be in the 7 to 12 mbps down, and 3 – 4 mbps up. Although we have not tested it in Eagle Mountain, they claim that the speeds are reasonable out here. (Per their store salesmen in the Walmart Parking lot) They are a very large company, which has it’s advantages and disadvantages of course. We have also noticed that  a lot of Eagle Mountain citizens can qualify for this service, and the benefits are greater if you’re a current Verizon wireless subscriber.

Now for the bad news. Data caps are enforced and range depending on your package. If you have a lot of internet users under your roof, this might not be the best solution for you. This service is also quite expensive. So beware of that.

Overall, this is a great solution to someone with no options. Those living in the Ranches are probably more suited for service than those in City Center.


Average Download Speed Company-Wide: 6.4 Mbps (800 kB/sec)
Average Upload Speed Company-Wide: 3.6 Mbps (450 KB/sec)

Verizon Wireless Speed Test Review

This graph shows the average download and upload speeds for Verizon Wireless. Gathered from

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2 Reviews

  1. Also have this service, and it’s hit or miss. And really depends on your location. I’ve never seen the speeds Tyson is seeing, but have hit 15Mbps down by 5Mvps upload, but only one the 3rd Tuesday of the month when the moon is wanning with Jupiter lined up with Mars every 3000yrs (joke, it isn’t that bad). Usually see 3-4Mbps down by 1-2Mbps upload, but the latency is unacceptable with pings to Google hitting over 100ms much of the time. I’m familiar with the Radwin hardware that Verizon is using to broadcast the service, and it is carrier grade hardware that’s rock solid (and costs a fortune), but still doesn’t warrant the costs or Caps they impose. They are flat out ripping you off, period. It does not cost that much to deliver the data last mile, but that’s big corps for ya. They will over saturate the crap out of it given time, and will milk everyone with it per kilobit. But if you have few options, it is better than nothing (or other companies listed on this site, which I won’t even go into). Thinking that Dish Networks “4G” Internet may actually be faster per dollar, but once again, that will only be for as long as until they oversaturate their network too. Very unfortunate for us residence in this area, that have been being ripped off for years, but thank god that InnovativeAir is now hitting my area. My latency is averaging 3ms to their gateway, and the speeds are incredible. I think that they hadn’t imposed their throttling on my account yet (knock on wood) because on their Gold plan, I’m getting 90Mbps down by 70Mbps upload on average. And while pushing that much data, my latency barley moves, showing that there’s a good more bandwidth available and also killer network engineering. After talking with them about saturation, they add infrastructure if possible, but there’s only so many customers allowed. He said they limit the amount of subscribers on their network per Access Point and per tower, and that also there’s limited seats on their network, period. Meaning that once they hit a certain subscriber count, they stop selling in that area. So get a seat while you can (if you’re in their coverage area, which they said they are expanding daily) or you’ll miss the boat! So glad that I didn’t and found them in the first place! Hope that the throttle gets “overlooked ; )” but even if it goes to the speed I’m paying for, it’s about a thousand times better than anything else here I’ve seen and used. Which is about all of them unfortunately. Now to see if I can get out of my Verizon contract and ETF fees, which I highly doubt, and which BTW, InnovativeAir doesn’t impose on residential service, even better! They also focus on business accounts for Internet and VoIP phones (which I got a free line with my Gold Plan subscription) and I can’t believe the sound quality and feature set, with free unlimited minutes long distance in the US and Canada; you can tell its carrier class VoIP, not some Vonage garbage that’s depends on the public Internet for call quality (and is cheap to deploy, but is not a proprietary VoIP solution). InnovativeAir’s is a true PBX takeover system, you can tell with the first phone call (and I’m using a Digital phone from work that they didn’t charge me for using instead of theirs, just the porting of my old phone #, which is reasonable and was only $4 bucks). Guess I’ll use this post on InnovativeAir’s listing ; )–

  2. This is reliable and fast! My average is about 30/20. So I have no idea where that chart up above came from! I don’t use it very often simply because of the usage caps. I only have it as my secondary provider because my main provider is too flaky and unreliable.

    If there weren’t usage limits, I would probably make this my only provider! But we use a lot of data and a I run some servers out of my house so the data on this would cost me a fortune if it was my main or only connection.