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Signal West Review

Signal West Review

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Signal West

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We’ve heard a lot of fantastic things about Signal West.  They have reliable speeds up to 30 mbps, they have no long term contracts or gimmicks, and most importantly, they have a lot of happy customers.
Like Innovative Air the price you pay is the price you pay. There are no additional fees or taxes tacked on at the end of your billing cycle. It’s a flat costs meaning your bill will never change.

Company Background: They originally started an ISP about 9 years ago in Lehi.  After a stint as an Active Duty Officer in the Army the owner decided to move back to Eagle Mountain, Utah and start his own Internet service provider.  As far as residential service is concerned, they currently serve two geographic locations (The Ranches and Thanksgiving Meadows).  For both business and internet performance reasons they keep to those boundaries and try to maximize the take rate or density in those areas.  They do provide service to businesses and larger HOAs outside of those boundaries, however. To build their internet network, they use a mixture of wireless, fiber and copper depending on the area.

Philosophy:  Signal West keeps their network small and manageable so that the internet service fast and so they can provide great customer service.  They self-impose limits of the number of customers on any given connection (Access Point) in order to keep speeds from suffering over time.  In the end though, lots of companies can get you to the internet and even heavy residential users rarely use more than about 10mbps, so the difference maker is almost always customer service.

Their technology is the same as some of the other internet providers in the Eagle Mountain area. They use wireless microwave technology and it stands to be reliable in all conditions. It is contingent that you have a good view of which ever tower you’re pointing to. So keep that in mind as well.

If you would like to contact Signal West, please visit their website at
Take a look at their Ranches Service Map: (Click to Enlarge)

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6 Reviews

  1. I started with another ISP here in Eagle Mountain and they are horrible compared to Signal West. I only have good things to say about the service from Signal West. When there is a problem it is addressed right away and they are always polite. If you have the chance to get Signal West, do it! Thanks for all the help Signal West!

  2. I have been a loyal Signal West customer for over 3 years, and have had a great experience with the ISP. My only concern is the fact that they do not offer fiber in my neighborhood, so this creates issues having to depend on wireless connection. A majority of my internet use is streaming and gaming, and would give Signal West a 7/10 on connection speeds and consistency. I would recommend them, as the options are Direct Com (which is garbage) or other wireless SP’s.

  3. Signal West has provided excellent service from the moment I called them. Coming out to install they were very accommodating to my schedule. They arrived exactly when they said they would and took very little time getting everything installed.

    Since installation the internet has been great. I have consistently gotten the advertised speeds even at peak use times. Their pricing is also much better than the other providers in the area. You get more speed for what you pay than other providers.

    If you are in their service area I highly recommend getting Signal West.

  4. Could not be happier with Signal West. Sure glad I made the switch.

  5. Made the switch from another provider in the area and it was the best move. Not only did we save money but the service and the speed have been great. We have up to 6 devices accessing the net at any given time for streaming video to just plan surfing and we have not had one problem with it being slow.

  6. I’ve been with signal west for almost 2 years. The service and price are excellent! It does not matter what time of day or day of the week, my broadband is screaming. What I really like is I never even think about my broadband service, it just does what I need. We can stream several videos at one time without any buffering. I highly recommend signal west.