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Innovative Air Review

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Innovative Air Review

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Once Rapidwave, Innovative Air has proven again that is can be one of the best companies to provide Eagle Mountain with internet. Their latency is right on par with fiber as it uses microwave (speed of light, people) to transmit the data to your house. They will place a small antenna on your roof and point it to one of their towers. No modem to rent, flat rate pricing every month, and reliable consistent speeds. Speeds can range from 10 mbps all the way up to 100 mbps (That’s right). Their customer service is fantastic, sometimes resolving problems within HOURS rather than days. Even on the weekends they will try to get your problem fixed.
Service is currently available in limited areas of Eagle Mountain, but their coverage area is growing, and some may not be in range of a tower, but it’s most definitely worth a shot to see if you are in their service area. If you are, you are one lucky duck and it would be a GREAT Eagle Mountain internet option! If you would like to contact Innovative Air, please use the form located at the bottom of this review.


Reliability is a big deal when it comes to your internet service. No internet company is going to guarantee you 100% up time. Downtime is to be expected. But how much downtime is the question.
Innovative Air has very few outages. During a 6 month test, they were down once. Most of the time it is not even their fault as the case was with particular incident. As far as resetting your equipment or power cycling your antenna, that was not more than 3 times during our testing period. Your experience may be different, but that’s where our next section comes into play. Support


So what happens when you DO have an issue?
Innovative Air’s support should be the model of all small to medium size companies. Send a quick email (using your phone’s internet or something) to and you will receive a response from a tech that has ALREADY taken a look at your connection. Usually the response is within 30 minutes, but can sometimes take longer depending on whether your issue is an isolated one or not. If you would prefer to chat with someone about your issue, call their main phone number at 801-653-3450 and you will get the assistance you need. Their support is a main reason why people like them so much.


Ah speed. Should we have reviewed this point first? If you’re a power user like us, this is all you should care about. Let’s let the numbers speak for themselves.
Using data from (a third party speed testing site) we’ve generated these graphs.

Average Download Speed Company-Wide: 13.5 Mbps (1.6 MB/sec)
Average Upload Speed Company-Wide: 4.6 Mbps (588 KB/sec)

Innovative Air Speed Test Results

This graph shows the average download and upload speeds for Innovative Air. Gathered from

Latency (Ping)

Latency is an internet “power user” term. It’s also called “ping” and it’s the measurement of how long it takes for your little tiny piece of data to reach a destination on the internet, then come back to your computer. It’s measured in milliseconds. Latency is VERY important in the following categories:

  • Gaming
  • Remote Desktop Connections
  • Music Streaming
  • Video Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube)
  • Even basic web browsing

The lower the ping time, the better. This means that it took less time for your packet of data to reach it’s destination and come back to you. 
Innovative Air’s network is extremely fast and has very low ping times. Usually around 20 ms – 30 ms. Most other providers are in the 50’s to 60’s.
Go and see for yourself. See where your current connection is. It’s it’s higher than 30 ms to 40 ms and these above categories are important to you, you might want to consider switching internet providers.
A ping test can be ran at for free.


Internet packages start from $49 per month for 10 – 15 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload and go all the way up into the $100’s. Top speeds of 100 Mbps download and up to 60 Mbps upload can be achieved if you’re really serious.
It is flat rate pricing & no taxes – so your bill will never change. It will always be that same price and not a penny more.
In most cases there is an installation fee to get the antenna on your roof. This may put some people off, but it is easily offset by their month to month policy. No contracts and no agreements.
Sometimes they do promotions where the installation is free, so check back often to see what deals they’re offering. The best thing to do to get current pricing info is to send them an inquiry through the form at the bottom of this review.

If you would like service at your home send a message using this form!
You can also ask questions if you’re not quite ready to sign up

Inquiries from this site are top priority to Innovative Air. Someone will get back to you soon.
We take your privacy very seriously, we will only share this information with Innovative Air and no one else. Promise

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16 Reviews

  1. I’m not even a subscriber yet, I still want to give these guys a thumbs up! I’m preparing to move out to Eagle Mountain and found this site, searching for available ISPs. I’m currently with Comcast, getting over 200 Mbps, which is more than most people I know, and it’s been a humbling experience to realize those speeds aren’t going to be out there in the boonies for awhile.

    I called the sales number on IA’s (Innovated Air’s) website and got to speak with Justin, who owns the company. We talked for about 45 mins, as I had a lot of questions, concerning IA’s network capabilities and future plans for increased bandwidth and growth.

    I was blown away that he gave me that much time out of his day to chat, even though I wasn’t going to be signing up for service right away. As it’s been said in other reviews on this page, sure, the professionalism isn’t quite up to big league company standards, but it was a bit refreshing to actually have a conversation with a human being, and to likewise be treated like one.

    From our conversation, it sounds like this company still has a ways to go, in order to be where they want to be, but they’ve made huge progress and have been able to recently overcome some obstacles that have prevented much of their growth, which will allow them to bring higher bandwidth speeds, possibly doubling what they currently have advertised (40 Mbps for Gold package), in the coming weeks.

    It just so happens that when I do move in, a new tower should be up and ready to go for my area in City Center, but if it’s not quite ready, Justin offered to even refer me to a competitor, and would then let me know when service is up and running, if I wanted to make the switch. Who does that? Who actually recommends using a competitor’s service because theirs isn’t quite ready to go? This is why I’m writing this review. These are the types of values I want to support in my (future) community. Good on IA for making the hard decisions to make their infrastructure secure and scalable, before overloading it with customers, who then suffer for it.

    I do, however, strongly believe in good communication with customers, and that may be where IA falls a bit short. Many of the low reviews on this page, were due to outages that IA was fully aware of. It would do IA a lot of good, to be more proactive about these things and let their customers know what’s happening, when issues arise. A status page on their website would go a long way to keep folks informed and up-to-date on their network status and what’s being done to address/resolve issues (yes, this is still reactive, but much better than having to deal with hundreds of phone calls, texts and emails from irate customers). Over and out.

  2. It was good for a time. This company owners get it big then sell. Worst internet in past two months.

    • Actually, that’s not the case at all. At the loss and sacrifice of a lot of revenue, time and sanity, even more has been pumped into the network while upgrading it. We sent an email out to all customers, stating that we are about to make some major upgrades to the main backbone and infrastructure of the network, and that is exactly what we are doing. And as quickly as possible, we know that downtime not only pisses people off, but costs us our name, and causes customer churn. And unlike the majority of other ISP’s that keeps their customers through long term contracts, or some sort of cancellation fees, we actually do lose money from customer churn. This project would take several months to perform, unless we wanted to kill everyone’s connection for several days, possibly weeks, due to the large extent of the upgrades. And it is being done, all for the sake of providing a better service, that actually provides what it advertises. This was attempted when the company was first made, but due to several circumstances that I won’t go into, there were some issues that would become more of a problem as the network grew, and eventually would cause even more downtime and less ability to meet its advertising claims. We’ve had to literally break the network to fix it. All at our own expense and through the efforts of some very hard working, intelligent individuals who have sacrificed more than anyone could understand or possibly care about. We now have the services of a networking IT who also does all of the networking for companies like Apple, Walmart, Time Warner, several other Fortune 500 companies and also the USDA and other branches of government (the ones that haven’t been hacked BTW : ). Who has steered this the right direction the hard way but the right way, even if not felt immediately, it truly is becoming one of the most redundant, fastest networks in the area. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither has this network, and why customers have noticed a decrease in the uptime now, so there won’t be later and for the long run. We are passionate about what we are building, and it is unfortunate that it wasn’t done correctly when it was initially started. It has personally cost me everything. But it is very near completion and the benefits of the sacrifices being made now, will be noticed, in the long run. And in the very near future.
      We are all very grateful to those subscribers who have supported all of this despite the inconveniences, I promise you that it’s not all for nothing, and certainly not for selling out. And also hope that we can keep all of your business, otherwise this is all for nothing.

  3. Service was great until it stopped working consistently. We’re lucky if we can go a week without an outage. I can no longer trust their service.

  4. Semi-Professional Customer Service, Good internet, fair pricing

    That about sums up Innovative air for me. I have had to call these guys at least 10 times in the last year and half, not all bad calls. The customer service, especially the tech guys, are a little awkward sometimes. They don’t read prompts or have predetermined lines for what to say, but they are not so customer-service oriented (this is not good or bad, just awkward talking to them sometimes. Lack of interpersonal communication skills). Also, judging by the replies to customers here they get a little defensive. Like I said, this isn’t a bad review on their customer service, just something I would personally like to see them significantly improve on.

    Now for the good. This is the reason for the 4 star review here. These guys are on it when it comes to fixing issues. Has the internet gone down? Sure. More than I can count? Nope. I can count 5 times that internet service has completely gone down in the last year and a half I have had them. I’ve always had Comcast since before moving to Eagle Mountain and their Xfinity internet was fast…when it was actually working! It went down so much it was ridiculous! I get there cheapest plan and the speed is MORE than capable of handling all our Internet TV streaming, browsing and gaming needs. I check our speeds fairly often and the ping is always within the range I pay for so that’s a huge plus.

    I say the pricing is fair as the internet is worth it, although it is a little high for just internet. I don’t mind paying the price however as I read the terrible reviews / neighbor rants about other service providers in the area *cough Vivint, *cough Digis. All in all, lower prices would be nice, but for how good the internet it is worth it.

    Overall, it’s worth it to get it. I have almost no headaches about internet. And am glad I only have to make the occasional phone call with the awkward tech or sales guys. Nice guys, just awkward. Hah

  5. The first few months with innovative air were great, but it quickly went downhill from there. Almost daily outages for, literally, hours at a time. No communication or responses to email, phone calls, or voicemails. I pretty much pay $80 a month to not have internet, that’s how bad the connection has been.

    • I personally apologize for your poor experience, this past couple of months has been an overload of support and issues from failing hardware, vandalism, in the middle of large upgrades adding multiple redundancy routes for the network with an entirely new Data Center (with the original one), Bandwidth Management Units and their redundant counterparts failing, while also being forced to suddenly upgrade 6 towers in Eagle Mountain and Cedar Hills due to local interference from a large company that is using all unlicensed public spectrum and wouldn’t coordinate their infrastructure with the existing ones in any given area. They haven’t coordinated with their own infrastructure. I know that no one cares for excuses, they just want everything to work all the time, which we have done the best we can with the resources available and crazy circumstances. When there’s an outage, and over 500+ phone calls, 300+ emails all within 3-4 hours, it’s overwhelming (not even counting all the text messages). We do our best and successfully answered over 270 of the phone calls, while also fixing the problems that were causing the issues at multiple locations, which is literally non-stop answering every call for everyone (but missing the 4-8 others that come in while on the calls that’s answered). What is very frustrating is that the network hasn’t been down every day for multiple hours. This last outage last Thursday is the longest outage the network has ever had, just under 12 hours. My neighbor has “Cable” and has had multiple day outages several times a year! What many people are experiencing is a 2000% increase in the 5Ghz noise floor, in just the past 2 months. And all of their devices are now wireless using that exact same spectrum and they don’t even own a device with an Ethernet port to try testing the connection hard wired. But that is out of anyone’s control, and just has to be engineered around (which we help several customer a day with doing just that, and it has nothing to do with our equipment, but it almost always fixes their issues).

      All of our internal upgrades an nearly finished. The Bandwidth Management System should be replaced within the next couple of days (with its redundant counterparts), and a quadruple redundant backbone with both fiber circuits and FCC Licensed Wireless links (the kind that don’t go down, unless a bullet goes through it). The network has limited seats as it is, as we stop selling in areas that hit their saturation point (most companies will just keep adding and adding as long as there’s someone calling, for a free Xbox or iPad), which is well under any that of any other company in the region, and is to maintain the speeds that are advertised. The networks ring topology has been restored for added redundancy along with upgrades that will allow for hundreds and thousands of Mbps of bandwidth to each tower that is broadcasting. It’s the best we can do, and someone will fill the seats available on the network and enjoy the fruits of everything invested and sacrificed in the past couple of months. You can’t keep everyone happy, but we certainly try our best to keep as many as possible, as happy as possible. When faced against the high demands and needs of your customers, in an industry that is so misunderstood and has so many variables, and demands that far exceed most any other industry or market, it is all you can do as a small local company. With what has been invested recently, there are going to be finally some long nights…of rest and streaming Netflix in HD, with zero support calls. As it’s been for pretty much 2 1/2 yrs, until recent events that are out of our control happen, and you just deal with and move on. Really am sorry that your personal needs weren’t addressed earlier, and anyone else, and the upgrades have kept being side tracked with…life? There is no excuse, you just keep building it stronger and better and faster. And everyone in this company truly cares about each and every one of our customers. Even when being yelled at, cursed with every word you can think of, and even threatened. We all understand how frustrating it is if your Internet connection is down, we are all on the exact same network.

      Best of luck with whatever provider you choose, and our doors are always open (unless your area’s tower is at capacity!).

  6. First year with these guys they were AWESOME! Past month… horrible. Vivint comes in the area and friggin rapes the wifi sky, ruining the reception for everyone. I may have to go with them.. I don’t know.. I hate 2015. When I had comcast in orem I was paying for 6mbps. It was blazing fast, 1 ms ping. It was glorious. This just sucks… paying for 20 is flippin 80 bucks, getting 1-4mbs with 50+ ping..

    • Anger,

      Please contact me directly, this past month has been a nightmare engineering around all the local interference, but the towers have all been finished in the area. You shouldn’t be seeing issues any longer, in fact it should be better than a year ago (backbone was just upgraded to a 10Gbps fiber line that scales to 40Gbps, also a new redundant fiber line being added to the main backbone for even more redundancy and several of the towers Backhaul systems just had major upgrades). We are still working out any bugs with all the new hardware, and I need to dig into your connection specifically to fix it (or help with your internal network, we’ve had a ton of customers that everything on our end was working right but the wireless to their own router was the issue, and I may be able to help out with that).

      Just call our main line and hit extension 3. If there’s no answer, leave a VM and I will contact you back ASAP and get you running how it should. There’s several towers in the area, so we have alternatives. But our support and installation crew is swamped with these same issues you may be experiencing, and reinstalling a ton of customers who switched and are now coming back. But we will do everything possible to keep our end running how it should be running! And it may be a simple fix that takes just a few moments.

      855-653-3450 Ext 3

  7. I am very impressed by Innovative Air and their staff! I was with them for awhile before being scammed by Vivint to switch to their terrible internet. DO NOT GO TO VIVINT!! If you do and bug them enough you can get your cancel fee waived. I did! Then i came straight back to Innovative Air who happily took me back! I learned the hard way!
    Thanks Innovative Air! Also if you call ask for Justin! He is awesome!

  8. I have been with InnovativeAir for a year and a half now and my experience has been extraordinary. I have been very impressed at how these guys go the extra mile to provide pristine and honest service. I’ve only called three times about a potential issue. I received immediate service and help to correct the problem each time.
    First time I called about our internet being down for a few hours. There was a blizzard outside, so it was understandable. I caught their tech out doing major repairs on their tower in the middle of said blizzard. And he still took the time to answer his cell phone and explain exactly what was up. Sure enough, our internet was up in the next two hours.
    Second time I called about our internet going out their tech stayed on the phone with me for about an hour going through all the possibilities. In the end it turned out that my router had been fried by a small surge. I felt a little embarrassed that it was such a simple fix and I took up a lot of his time, yet he did spend that time to make sure I was well taken care of. He also gave me some advice to purchase a UPS so I wouldn’t go through this problem again.
    Third call I made just recently, we had been experiencing spotty service for a few days and I wasn’t sure if it was on my end or theirs. Again, their tech explained the situation and was currently working on getting it fixed. In this case it was neither on my end or theirs, but was the fault of another ISP moving into he area and making things rough on all the current ISP providers in Eagle Mountain. But he had my tower all corrected that same day and we have had excellent internet since then.
    So basically, aside from what I just mentioned, our service has been stellar. Speeds have been fairly constant and reliable, especially during peak periods. I couldn’t be happier

  9. I can’t say enough good things about Innovative Air. I got sucked into vivint’s lies, and i’m right back to innovative air. Sorry I left in the first place…

  10. I just submitted a review of Verizon’s service, which turned into a rant about InnovativeAir, so I’ll just copy/paste for this review here (I’m lazy).

    Also have this service, and it’s hit or miss. And really depends on your location. I’ve never seen the speeds Tyson is seeing, but have hit 15Mbps down by 5Mvps upload, but only one the 3rd Tuesday of the month when the moon is wanning with Jupiter lined up with Mars every 3000yrs (joke, it isn’t that bad). Usually see 3-4Mbps down by 1-2Mbps upload, but the latency is unacceptable with pings to Google hitting over 100ms much of the time. I’m familiar with the Radwin hardware that Verizon is using to broadcast the service, and it is carrier grade hardware that’s rock solid (and costs a fortune), but still doesn’t warrant the costs or Caps they impose. They are flat out ripping you off, period. It does not cost that much to deliver the data last mile, but that’s big corps for ya. They will over saturate the crap out of it given time, and will milk everyone with it per kilobit. But if you have few options, it is better than nothing (or other companies listed on this site, which I won’t even go into). Thinking that Dish Networks “4G” Internet may actually be faster per dollar, but once again, that will only be for as long as until they oversaturate their network too. Very unfortunate for us residence in this area, that have been being ripped off for years, but thank god that InnovativeAir is now hitting my area. My latency is averaging 3ms to their gateway, and the speeds are incredible. I think that they hadn’t imposed their throttling on my account yet (knock on wood) because on their Gold plan, I’m getting 90Mbps down by 70Mbps upload on average. And while pushing that much data, my latency barley moves, showing that there’s a good more bandwidth available and also killer network engineering. After talking with them about saturation, they add infrastructure if possible, but there’s only so many customers allowed. He said they limit the amount of subscribers on their network per Access Point and per tower, and that also there’s limited seats on their network, period. Meaning that once they hit a certain subscriber count, they stop selling in that area. So get a seat while you can (if you’re in their coverage area, which they said they are expanding daily) or you’ll miss the boat! So glad that I didn’t and found them in the first place! Hope that the throttle gets “overlooked ; )” but even if it goes to the speed I’m paying for, it’s about a thousand times better than anything else here I’ve seen and used. Which is about all of them unfortunately. Now to see if I can get out of my Verizon contract and ETF fees, which I highly doubt, and which BTW, InnovativeAir doesn’t impose on residential service, even better! They also focus on business accounts for Internet and VoIP phones (which I got a free line with my Gold Plan subscription) and I can’t believe the sound quality and feature set, with free unlimited minutes long distance in the US and Canada; you can tell its carrier class VoIP, not some Vonage garbage that’s depends on the public Internet for call quality (and is cheap to deploy, but is not a proprietary VoIP solution). InnovativeAir’s is a true PBX takeover system, you can tell with the first phone call (and I’m using a Digital phone from work that they didn’t charge me for using instead of theirs, just the porting of my old phone #, which is reasonable and was only $4 bucks). Guess I’ll use this post on InnovativeAir’s listing ; )–

  11. I just signed up with them last week. Immediately I was able to watch Netflix and hulu with no buffering. First time in 3 years living out here that I was able to do this. Had direct communications before. This is better and cheaper. Very happy.

  12. Agreed to the above! Innovative Air is a fantastic company to work with. I switched to them after a horrific experience with my previous ISP. They are extremely responsive on report issues, and corrected a problem within 30 minutes at 10 PM on a weeknight. They also were right on top of things when Digis screwed up when removing their own equipment from a site, and took down Innovative Air’s access point as well. Their technicians had the AP back up and full speed internet restored within about an hours time. I cannot speak more highly of this company.

  13. I will have to completely agree with this review. I’ve been with these guys for a few weeks now and can’t say enough how wonderful they’ve been!