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Digis (Rise Broadband) Review

Digis (Rise Broadband) Review

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  • Support
  • Speed
  • Price
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Digis (Rise Broadband) Review

Digis is now called Rise Broadband.
Their previous company name, Digise has been a long time Eagle Mountain internet service provider. They provide a competitively priced product with decent service. Their downfall is quality. Most users feel that their service is “spotty” and bandwidth is scarce. Many of their other customers would disagree completely. So this means that some areas will get a better quality of service than others. So if you do not qualify for any of the other internet services providers due to where you live in Eagle Mountain, then Rise Broadband would be worth a shot.

Rise Broadband would be a good recommendation for the same reason T-Mobile phone service would be. Good product for a great price, you just have to be okay with dealing with the hiccups.

Recommended for:

  • Casual Internet Users
  • Budget Minded People
  • People okay with calling support once and a while
  • Sick of your current provide and want to switch

Speed Test Results

Using data from (a third party speed testing site) we’ve generated these graphs.

Average Download Speed Company-Wide: 3.7 Mbps (468 KB/sec)
Average Upload Speed Company-Wide: 562 Kbps (70 KB/sec)

Digis Speed Review

This graph shows the average download and upload speeds for Digis. Gathered from

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8 Reviews

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  4. This company is now known as Rise Broadband. I think they had to change their name because of the reputation they have been building under Digis – obviously not a good one.

    My experience with them began after they acquired or merged with the company that had previously been providing my internet service. The only complaint I had with them was that they had promised the same service for the same price, but we had to call in a couple times to request some of the more obscure features we had previously to continue, such as a public IP address. This was annoying but sort of understandable.

    Then, one month before canceling our service, we noticed that the price on our bill had increased by three dollars over the previous month. Again, annoying, but not enough for me to get too upset about or call in about. However, during the next billing cycle I got an email notifying us that we were approaching our data limit. This was absurd for 2 reasons – 1. our internet usage had not changed significantly, and 2. I have never and will never so long as any other option exists sign up with an isp with data caps.

    When we called in to investigate these two issues we were told that a new “carrier recovery fee” was being added to our bill “because of all the streaming people are doing”. Great to know our isp is going to up our rate without even making sure we know about it. They claimed it was on the last few bills, which might be true, but with automatic pay they can’t expect a notification like that to be seen on a bill. We don’t even look at them. They themselves are aware of this as is illustrated by the fact that when there was something they really wanted us to know about they actually sent us an email – e.g. the approaching data limit notification.

    They also in that phone call tried to tell us that our account “has always had that data limit” as far back as their records indicated. When I told them that was false and that I would never sign up for a plan with a data limit they tried to tell me that all the carriers were moving to monthly data limits, naming comcast specifically.

    When a representative from a business starts lying to me, that’s when I know that it’s time to go. I had them cancel the service right during that same phone call.

    One star rating for the months with that we had without incident. Could have been higher, but the whole lying thing is just completely unacceptable.

  5. i was with digis for a couple years in city center. at first they would throttle down significantly when reaching the monthly limit, then without warning, they began charging overages, which quickly added up. the service went down constantly, and was never very fast,i switched to direct, with trepidation, since i didnt know other options at the time. they have been consistent, but still slower than advertised, consistently. now that my year is up, i am looking again. digis, do you want me back? get rid of your ridiculous limits.and get a better transmission tower closer to the north side of city center

  6. Honestly, I was extremely hesitant to sign up for Digis after I used them previously and they were terrible! But, I was fed up with my current provider and Digis was the only other option I had.

    But, I have actually been pleasantly surprised. Their people are actually nice and they seem to care (which is such a contrast from my previous provider) and I actually don’t have any complaints about the service. It isn’t as fast as I would like, but it is at least consistent with what I am paying for and agreed to.

    I have no hesitation to refer people to them, especially since you don’t have to sign a contract!

  7. I had a horrible experience with Digis. It seemed that my service was constantly down, and my wife and I were consistently talking with customer support.

    A good/bad thing is Digis was extremely flexible in reducing our rate when our speed was slower than what we were paying for. In the 12 months we stuck with Digis, the months we had a discounted rate, outnumbered the months we paid full price.

    I live in the Ranches area, by Chevron.

    • Greetings,
      That seems like a big inconvenience, during the many times did Technical Support sent
      out a field technician to take a look at your place? as the company works on Line of sight
      if dish was misaligned that could create issues, also there is always the option to repoint you
      to a different tower or set up a tripod for your dish to increase its height.
      There were many options to correct said inconvenience, keep in mind that Digis is a NON-contract company, so you would not be stuck with the service.
      Please feel free to contact us as a way to diagnose the real issue, as the issue could be as simple as issues with your router or wiring.

      Thank you,
      Digis Tech Support.